FREE Grocery List Printable

FREE Grocery List Printable

Going grocery shopping always seems like such a chore. I decided that I was going to take the work out of making a list every time and make a master list.

This way I can print it out and leave it on the counter and then each week when I realize I’m out of something I can just highlight it – no need for random reminders in every room of the house!

I hope my list makes your life easier!

P.S. – I left room so you can add your items to the bottom!

Weekly Grocery List

Weekend Meal Prep

Weekend Meal Prep

The weekends for me are always a little crazy. From dishes and laundry to meeting up with family, there never seems to be enough time. This is why I like to spend my evenings after work at home relaxing (not getting ready for the next day). So I have established what I believe to be a pretty good system.

Saturday is for any errands and cleaning that don’t include groceries or laundry.

On Sunday, I spend the morning getting all of the laundry done and piled nice and high on the bed (the dog loves to snuggle in it). Then put together a grocery list for 2 weeks and head out to the store. I will share more on our monthly meal planning and grocery list next week!!!

I have 5 containers (I used recycled Prego jars here, but you can use anything).

In each container, I combine the following (based on what I want in each salad every day so that it doesn’t get boring).

Note: Put dry and heavy ingredients on the bottom so they don’t smash the lettuce.


  • Spinach
  • Crunchy Lettuce
  • Other Greens
  • Broccoli Bits
  • Peppers
  • Carrots
  • Olives
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Nuts (I am allergic so I don’t even go there)
  • Fruit (Apples, Pears, Blueberries, Strawberries)
  • Bean Sprouts

Then I store my chicken, steak, bacon, the meat of choice pre-cooked and cut up in a ziplock bag for right before I am going to eat my salad.

We have a big fridge at work so I can take all 5 jars in on Monday, and not have to worry about bringing lunch all week. So easy!

I don’t put on my protein, avocado, dressing, or cheese on until I am eating the salad because it gets slimy.

What are your weekend meal prep tips? What other toppings would you add? Let me know!!


If there is one thing I really love it’s tea. It’s nothing but good for you. Hot. Cold. Iced. Frozen. I love TEA.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Whenever I have been feeling terrible (or if I just start feeling a little cold coming on) I like to bust out my “icky sicky tea” recipe.

This is so soothing for a sore throat and it doesn’t taste terrible.

Note: I have no medical training. This is just a recipe that makes me feel better.


  • 1 orange (or lemon)
  • 1 tbs. Cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon fresh ginger
  • 3 tbs. honey
  • 1/4 packet Knoxx gelatin
  • 1-2 Lipton tea bags
  • 3 to 4 cups water (I prefer it a little stronger)

Brunch Basics

Brunch Basics

I love making brunch/breakfast. I love the way it makes the house smell. I love how happy everyone gets when they hear bacon cooking. I love hot coffee and cold orange juice.

Here are some of my favorite breakfast ideas:


  • Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Ham
  • Eggs
  • Toast
  • Pancakes
  • Crescent Rolls
  • Waffles
  • Hash Browns
  • Fresh Fruit


  • Mix raw eggs with any of the items above chopped up into tiny pieces
  • Spray a baking pan with non-stick spray
  • Fill the pan with the mixture
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour (once eggs are not soggy anymore)

What do you love to make for breakfast??

Quick Corn Salsa

Quick Corn Salsa

I needed an appetizer that I could leave out for the whole night as we were renting the UFC fights and had friends coming over.

So I decided I would make Corn Salsa. I have had this at parties in the past and always wanted to eat the whole bowl.

Side Note: I have a salsa addiction – any kind of salsa. I would eat chips and salsa for every meal for the rest of my life if I was given the option. 

I didn’t chop all the ingredients real fine as I wanted to make sure that everyone could pick out whatever it was that they didn’t like (I’m talking to all the onion haters out there). If you want to finely chop all the ingredients it will turn out just as good!


  • 1 Can Yellow Corn (drained)
  • 1 Can White Corn (drained)
  • 1 Can Black Beans (drained and rinsed)
  • 1/4 of a Hot Pepper (I used a Jalapeño, but didn’t use any seeds and cut into chunks so it added heat but could be picked out)
  • 1/4 Red Onion (cut into thick strips)
  • The Juice of 4 Limes
  • 1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2 Cloves Roasted and Crushed Garlic (I tossed the garlic in a pan and got it really hot on the stove and then let it cool and crushed it but I can imagine roasting would have been great as well)
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste

I chopped everything up, tossed all the ingredients in a bowl with the spices, and mixed it up.

I have noticed that if you put it in the fridge overnight, the flavor gets much better.