Easy Bath Bombs

Easy Bath Bombs

There is nothing better than a nice long bath.

After a rough day, a long hot soak with a few candles can take the edge off of any bad day.

If you’re looking to improve your bath time routine – these easy to make bath bombs are just what you need!

Tools & Materials


Put baking soda, Epsom salt, corn starch, and citric acid into a bowl and mix.

In a separate bowl mix coconut oil (warmed until liquid), water, essential oil, and food coloring.

Once you have mixed all of the liquid ingredients slowly add them into the dry ingredients.

Then stir everything together. I like to use my hands to get it all mixed up.

Once it’s all mixed up, then pack the mixture into the molds and let dry.

Once dry, tap out of the molds.

Now… time for a nice long soak!!

My Favorite Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Blog

My Favorite Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Blog

There are a lot of things I have learned as I develop my blog. Here are a few of my top tips!

  1. Outline your plan
  2. Understand categories and tags
  3. Make production efficient (don’t try to overcomplicate things and have a set checklist so you don’t miss something for each post)
  4. Ask questions and polls
  5. Create a service (consignment, craft show, home parties)
  6. Create a strategy
  7. Keep it simple
  8. Don’t make it overly emotional (at least all the time)
  9. Be creative
  10. Proof, Proof, Proof
  11. Be consistent
  12. Create a timeline/calendar
  13. Consider your audience
  14. Learn about legalities
  15. Never overpromise your readers
  16. Have Fun
  17. Keep Learning!!