You’re Going to Have To Be Your Own Parent

When you are growing up, your parents are there to tell you what to do (or at least they should be)., When you get a job and move out of the house you must learn how to parent yourself. You must learn how to get up on time, eat healthily, make good life decisions and push yourself. YOU. JUST YOU.

If I had my choice, I would live as follows. Wake up at 9:00 am, eat a cupcake and coffee for breakfast, watch Ellen then maybe a romantic comedy, eat a quesadilla and Baja blast for lunch (Taco Bell is my secret guilty pleasure), read for a few hours, eat a steak, some shrimp and crescent rolls for dinner paired with a couple glasses of wine, play with the dog and fall asleep after a bowl of coconut ice cream.

To me this sounds like pure perfection. BUT if I did everything that I wanted I would be terribly unsuccessful and very VERY unhealthy.

Some folks grow up with parents that instill these values in them from a very young age but what happens when the teacher leaves the room?

I personally believe that the moment you turn eighteen you need to flip a switch on in your head and make the decision to be the very best parent you can for yourself.

You must make sure that you are making the best decisions for yourself. Just like a parent would do with a little kid, don’t be afraid to take things that are dangerous or unhealthy away from yourself. If you find yourself sitting in front of the television all day, it’s okay to force yourself to get outside and play and then hide the cable cord. If you are always late, make sure you are preparing yourself for the next day ahead of time. When you meet a potential girlfriend or boyfriend it’s okay to evaluate their qualities and then disapprove of your decision to go out with them.

Think of everything that your parents (or the people who raised you) did for you. When you grow up, you have to take on all of the responsibility of keeping your entire life in check. If your lucky your mom and dad will call to check in and maybe you will end up with a partner that cares for you and helps you make good choices but ultimately, in the end you have to be your own parent. You are in charge of you.

I’m pretty sure that your parents will always care about you, that’s their job. It isn’t their job to make your decisions for you and they certainly aren’t responsible for your level of success. That’s all on you. One day they will be gone, and you will be left with the life that you have created for yourself. You are responsible for making sure that it’s everything you dreamed it would be.

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