Success is Self-Inflicted

Have you ever been driving down the highway and watched the person in front of you clearly miss their exit? That’s what success is like…

You get in your car with an end destination in mind.

As you continue down the highway, each exit (an opportunity) passes you by.

If you’re on autopilot and just listening to your GPS – you continue to pass each exit without even thinking about it.

If the exit won’t lead you where you want to go, you don’t think twice.

When you start to get closer to your destination, you start to pay more attention to each exit. Is this the one? Nope… okay, is this the one?

Never give your career over to the GPS. I can promise you that Siri does not have your best interest in mind. Every exit, every opportunity should at least be given enough consideration to realize that it’s there. Even if it seems like it’s totally out of reach or unrealistic.

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