Office Etiquette 101

Congratulations, you have a career.

For your sake (and those that work around you), I am going to provide you with a laundry list of things that I have learned to drive people insane in the office.

  • Put down your phone. If you are talking to someone, don’t check your phone during the conversation.
  • Don’t bring seafood to work. It smells and will make the entire office smell. People will hate you.
  • Don’t chew loudly during meetings. Don’t chew loudly at all.
  • Always hold the door. If someone is just a little too far away make sure to say “you don’t have to run” because most people tend to go into hustle mode to get to the door.
  • If you are wearing headphones, don’t sing out loud. Maybe do this because it’s hilarious.
  • If you borrow office supplies, always return them the same day.
  • Community fridge? Always label your lunch. Do not eat anything that is not yours.
  • The reply-all button should be used in emergency instances only.
  • Be on time. I feel like this is so important I devoted an entire chapter to it.

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