Keep Personal Opinions to Yourself

I can guarantee that you will not like every person you work with. It’s not realistic to believe that you will. Everyone has different working styles and different beliefs and that’s okay. There will be people that you clash with. Keep it to yourself. Obviously, performance-related matters should be elevated but personal opinions have no place in the workplace.

If you have a problem keeping your opinions in check, try getting a notebook and writing them down and then throwing them away or texting them to yourself or sharing them with a close friend, family member, or significant other after work.

Sharing personal opinions can lead to creating a toxic work environment. Every person in an office should strive to keep matters professional.

Always remember that you are here to work, and you are getting paid for it. Avoid getting involved in gossip in any way shape or form. If you see that it’s happening, try to find a way to exit the conversation. You don’t want to be associated with it.

If you voice your opinion and others don’t agree, you end up looking bad. If you voice your opinions and others do agree you become part of the office gossip train which can spiral out of control quickly and potentially land you in hot water with the HR department.

Never put anything negative in writing. If you do you are setting yourself up for trouble. Additionally, you must be careful even when you are joking around with others. Make sure that you don’t make anyone the butt of a joke or call them out publicly.

It’s not nice, it’s not good etiquette. Just don’t do it.

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