Invest in a Therapist

You wouldn’t be reading this book if you weren’t interested in personal development. Maybe that’s not true. Maybe you are reading it because a teacher or boss is forcing you too. Regardless, I recommend you give therapy a try.

I’m not talking about hypnosis or any weird modern treatments. I’m talking about good old talking. Having a therapist gives you an impartial party that you can run anything by. It allows you to talk through your issues and unravel your thoughts. It gives you a sacred space to feel open, honest, confidential, and vulnerable.

I grew up in a family that didn’t talk. When they got upset, they went to their room, shut the door, and locked it. Being upset meant that you were living in an uncomfortable no-talk zone. Communication skills were not on the list of things I learned when I lived at home.

When I left home and began relationships with other adults, I would have thoughts and feelings and just bottle them up…forever. I didn’t feel confident sharing my viewpoints or speaking up when I wasn’t happy, for me this just wasn’t an option. It wasn’t allowed.

After eight years in the workplace being forced to do tasks I felt weren’t part of my job description and countless arguments at home where I was passive-aggressive and unable to communicate how I felt, I invested in a therapist (to be honest, a nurse at the doctor’s office recommended it and even let me know that my company covered eight free visits).

Going to therapy was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Once every other week, I spend an hour of my timing discussing my problems and issues that I don’t feel comfortable discussing with anyone else. I talk through them and figure out how to improve or address the situation. I understand myself better, I can address my concerns in the workplace, and I communicate better with my family.

Because I don’t hold all my feelings in, I lash out less often and my overall reputation has improved ten-fold.

I am a better person because I go to therapy.

I spend two hours a month working on myself because I deserve it, and you do too.

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