Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

I love taking long walks and occasionally going running. I love to be out in the fresh air but so many times I would find myself getting to the end of my street and feeling like I needed to turn around and go home because I had so many things that I needed to get done. Exercise is important to me and I try to ensure that I incorporate it into my routine every day, but I didn’t feel like I was going the distance I wanted to because turning around and heading back felt comfortable. I was stuck in my comfort zone. I decided that I needed to challenge myself. I was going to walk as far as I could before my feet started to hurt and only then I would turn around. I wasn’t going to turn around because I needed to get the house clean or send out emails for work. I packed my tiny sidekick in his stroller, loaded up on snacks, a few toys and juice boxes and water and off we went. About two hours later my feet started to hurt and I decided that it was time to turn around. What I didn’t realize is that I had pushed myself so far out of my comfort zone that my aching feet now had to get us all the way back home.

That’s the way a comfort zone works. Sometimes leaving your comfort zone can be exhilarating and easy, sometimes it can be terrifying and one of the most challenging things you have ever done. The thing is, you won’t know how you are going to feel until you try it. If you want to grow you have to try new things. You must walk a little further to get there even if it means you must walk a little further to get back.

My challenge to you is to spend a little bit of time every morning deciding what you can do to get out of your comfort zone. If every day you step out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just a little bit, you can go to sleep at night knowing that you are a better person than when you went to bed.

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