Washing Fruit and Veggies

I’ll admit it. I didn’t use to wash my fruits or vegetables. I was the kind of person that would say “it builds your immune system” and laugh it off.

Then, Corona Virus hit and we started wiping down and washing all of our groceries and fruit and vegetables and I will never eat anything that isn’t cleaned off again in my life. YUCK!

I started soaking my fruit and vegetables in a sink of cool water with a little bit of vinegar for about 30 minutes.

I have never been so grossed out in my life. Aside from just the normal dirt, there were also little bugs and stuff that came off the fruit and vegetables.

The best part of my new discovery is that my produce lasts so much longer after it’s cleaned. I’m assuming because the bacteria and germs were eating away at them and cleaning them off protects them against any of the icky stuff they picked up on their way to me.

Wiping down boxes of groceries was also an eye-opener. The first time we did it I used about a million Lysol wipes because I was being extra cautious so I didn’t really notice anything. Then I started to slim down to 2-3 per grocery trip. I never really thought about all the hands that touch each box of groceries from the production line to the supply chain to the grocery store to shoppers. I had some very dirty wipes!

Just wait, the next round of groceries we get I will get some photos and share with you.

You consume all of that gross stuff! While I don’t think Lysol wipes are probably the best choice to use on anything that is going directly into your mouth, it doesn’t hurt to give your groceries a quick water wash/wipe before putting them into the fridge.

I will say, this whole experience has shown me that I might want to consider growing my own produce…

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