Know Enough to Be Dangerous

Have you ever wondered why people who are very successful are able to call out errors and mistakes before they happen? Because they can see them coming a mile away. Over time, they have learned a little bit about everything in their field and they can see when the pieces aren’t coming together in the way that they should. With time, this will come.

For me, it was helpful to shadow someone in every different role that impacted my line of work. I took some time for them to explain what they did, how it impacted me, how what I did impact them, and tried to better understand their challenges and opportunities.

Read through job descriptions and learn as much as you can about what function each person within your company performs. Ask questions. You don’t have to understand every single detail of what others do but you do need to have a pretty good understanding. If they tell you about something that they do and you don’t understand it, you should ask questions and do research until you could at least explain it to a five-year-old.

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