World’s Best Biscuits

There is something so very special about warm and crumbly biscuits. They make you feel like your a kid again. I have been looking for a recipe that would pair perfectly with jelly, chili, cinnamon butter, or just eaten all alone and I finally found it.

Not only are these biscuits delicious they are also pretty easy to make.

One tip that I learned when making biscuits is that you want to keep all of the ingredients as cold as possible. I put my butter sticks in the freezer for half an hour before using them and then pulled them out and used a cheese grater to get the butter “shreds” as small as possible (be careful because the combination of slippery butter and a cheese grater can end up like a scene from the movie SAW… I’m telling you from personal experience).

Regardless, if you are looking for a recipe this is the one! I made about five batches and froze them on a cookie sheet and then dumped the frozen biscuits into a zip lock bag. When we need biscuits I pop a few out, let them thaw for a couple hours on the counter, and then put them in the oven.

Personally, I think they taste best fresh out of the oven.

Here is the link where I found THE RECIPE!

I always sift the flour because it makes them extra fluffy!

My favorite condiment to pair with my biscuits is always something a little spicy. This Strawberry Jalapeno jelly was perfect!

Look at these bad boys fresh out of the over!!!

I would cut out as many as I could before I put them on tins to freeze them.

My little helper! The sifter was heavy for him to hold up – look at the determination. We had flour EVERYWHERE but it was so worth it to cook with this little guy!

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