Inside the Life of a Secret Vegetarian

I have a confession. I stopped eating meat in November 2019 and haven’t told anyone… until now.

I decided to go meat free because I love animals and because it’s a lot better for your health. I love fruits and vegetables so it hasn’t been hard.

What has been hard is the lack of options available at restaurants. Most of the time I end up ordering either a veggie burger or a couple sides. The other thing that’s been hard is avoiding bacon. It’s in and on everything!!

So why was I keeping it a secret? Because people are so judgy! I don’t care if you like that I’m becoming a vegetarian, I don’t need your approval and no I don’t want to try your steak topped with a bacon stuffed chicken wing.

I will say that I have put some weight on because I wasn’t eating enough at first and was binging on noodles and bread, it took me a while to really understand how to get full and get enough protein.

Here are some of my favs!! Will share recipes soon!!

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