Saturday Morning Cleaning Routine

Cleaning is my Zen. Some might say I have OCD but to each their own. Right?

On Saturday mornings, I like to get up earlier than everyone in my home to complete the following routine. This allows me to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing or getting things checked off the to-do list.

If there is one thing to remember – it’s THE BUN RULE. Everything in your home must be Beautiful, Useful or Nutritious/Necessary.


I take my cleaning bucket with me throughout the entire house. I like to keep stuff to a minimum so I only have one bucket that contains everything I need to clean my home.

I move methodically from one room to the next from top to bottom to eliminate wasted time and trips. If something needs to go downstairs, it either waits until I make my decent to the lower level or if I have to go downstairs I grab it on the way down (no wasted trips!!)

I start upstairs in the room furthest away from access to the downstairs (so I have to clean every room before I go to the next level).

I have a kitchen size garbage can in the upstairs bathroom, so I pull that into the hallway first. I hate having to empty teeny tiny trash cans every day so having only one large can allows me to save some time during the week.

If this is the first time you are working through the routine, you will need to allow a big chunk of time to really dig in and get the place clean. Then from there it’s really just maintaining cleanliness and order.

If you start getting what I call “stack syndrome” meaning you have tons of things you need to sort or figure out where they go – just start. Don’t make piles in bins, there is no reason and it will (I promise you) turn into clutter. Sort it on the scene. Make one, I repeat ONE box of “sort” and put items that you absolutely cannot figure out if they are important in this box. This box should never get filled – if it starts to look full then you deal with it or throw away (or donate) the items.

I enjoy this routine as I can stay in my pajamas until it’s done. I recommend stashing away some of your favorite snacks and beverages that you can munch on throughout the process.

When I leave a room – it’s “pretty much perfect” aside from putting the cleaned linens/towels back.

If I could put caution tape across the door of every clean room until Monday morning – I would.


I have to admit when I keep saying “wash” in the post below, but I am basically making one giant laundry pile that I will tackle washing and drying throughout the day.

As each load finishes, I dump the basket on the bed (I remove all the dirty sheets on the mattress so nothing gets dirty right after being washed).

Then before bed, I make a cup of my favorite tea, turn on a TV show and put my laundry away. It feels SO good to not have to touch a thing on Sunday.

I also love sleeping in clean sheets without having to get up and go to work in the morning – extra snuggle time in clean sheets!


Select a laundry basket that you are going to designate as your “downstairs stuff” area.

Fill the basket with dishes, laundry, books, really anything you find upstairs that belongs downstairs and put it in this box as you clean the upstairs.

This will eliminate all of the back and forth trips. Remember, work smart and be efficient.


Ditch everything you don’t use once a month.

The best way to live is simple – don’t let objects control your life.

I have two bins that I keep on each floor of the hours – fix and donate.

Everything that I don’t want to keep that doesn’t make it into those bins gets trashed (thus the big trash…or recycle – don’t kill the planet).

  • Dust: This has to be first so that you can sweep up the dust at the end.
  • Clean off make-up containers, bottles, etc.
  • Clean Toilet: I like to remove the whole seat and let it soak in bleach.
    • They make neat lids that just snap off (so no tools are required).
  • Then I use a Swiffer duster around the base of the toilet and any baseboards where hair tends to collect.
  • Windex Mirrors / Glass
  • Clean Sink
  • Mop/Sweep Floor
  • I usually only mop once a month and then just sweep up hair the rest of the weeks.

If you have used the bathroom and it’s steamy make sure to let it cool off in the room before doing this otherwise the condensation on the floor won’t allow you to get all the icky stuff.

  • Clean Tub: I won’t lie – I usually do this while I am showing after my entire cleaning routine is over. I take a sponge and cleaner into the shower with me and scrub it down before getting myself clean.

Lastly, my favorite part:

  • Refilling empty supplies (toilet paper, tampons, shaving cream, razors) from my stock and hanging up the (all white) towels.
  • Put the trashcan back with an empty bag.

I like to drop some lemongrass essential oils into the bottom of the tub, drawers and trash can to keep the room smelling nice all week.


Ditch everything you don’t use once a month

Pick up and hang up / fold clothes

  • I like to use type/color hanger in each closet as it makes them look tidy and uniform. Swap out your mismatched hangers and send me a photo of the before and after.
  • Make bed
  • Wash Sheets and Pillowcases

I like to drop lavender essential oil onto my mattress before putting on the sheets and into the corners of my dresser drawers and closet.

I put the drops at the end of the bed where my feet go so that when the bed warms up, the smell is very faint and helps me relax and fall asleep

This could be bad for the mattress, but to me, it’s worth the risk.




Ditch everything you don’t use once a month

Organize and straighten any stuff that remains in the room

I like to decorate with a purpose so everything in the room is something we use but “staged” to look like it’s meant to be part of the décor.

Wash and Fold Blankets

Remove Pet Hair



Ditch everything you don’t use once a month

Pick up any clutter

Clean off the table (that’s right, seriously, no joke – CLEAR EVERYTHING OFF THE TABLE)


Then set the table: Usually, people won’t pile clutter on the table if it looks like it’s going to be used.


Ditch everything you don’t use once a month

Start a load of dishes. Whatever does not fit in the dishwasher, wash by hand.

Clean out anything in the fridge that you know no one will eat in the next 3 days (assuming you didn’t make a ton of food in the last two days). Don’t waste good food, but don’t keep food that you will end up throwing away in 3 days.

Fill a few pitchers with drinks (Kool-Aid, Ice Tea, Crystal Light)

I like to add Lemon slices or fruit slices (they make me feel fancy).

Wipe down counters (yes, move appliances and clean under them)

Scrub out the sink.

Clean off stovetop

Clean out microwave

Clean any spills or anything sticky

Sweep and mop the floor

When the dishwasher is done, put away the dishes.

Usually, I go grocery shopping on Sunday Night and prepare healthy pre-portioned food for the week.

When I am finished cleaning the kitchen, I like to get the coffee pot all ready (filled with water and grounds) so that I don’t even have to do that on Sunday. I just wake up and hit the make button.


Clean out your purse

Organize shoes

Put coats on hangers (I try to check coat pockets as well)


Stack laundry baskets

Wipe down washer and dryer

Clean out the lint filter


Clean out car

I like to drop orange essential oil into my floor mats and the carpeted area behind the back seats. It’s a nice clean smell and gives me an energized feeling when I smell it.


I like to pick out the meals we are going to make for the week and then plan my shopping list accordingly. I have a master grocery list that I use along with clipping coupons to save money.


I am dangerously attached to my planner and master yearly calendar.

After I cleared the clutter out of my home I have all of my important documents sorted in boxes in the basement and in an emergency folder.

On Saturday Night I write up a list of my long term items that I need to complete and then fill in all of the items have to be completed each day, chores, bills to pay, events, dinner ideas and birthdays. This makes it easy for me to just fill in things I need to remember vs. having to remember everything each day.

I try to work on completing a long term goal each day for at least 30 minutes so that the tasks don’t feel so daunting. I also have a sheet of paper in my binder that I write reminders to myself on as they come up so that I can add them into my lists I keep to maintain my sanity and calendar the next Saturday.

This also makes it easy for me to avoid just saying yes to helping out or making plans throughout the week because I can take my time on Saturday afternoon to think through if I have the time to really give my whole heart to the task.

Additionally, this gives me an opportunity on Sunday to spend some quality time writing poems and addressing birthday cards which is a way to let the people you care about know how much you love them.

Additionally, if I know I have an event like a Birthday, I have time to plan a killer celebration. I can think through party themes and make my party shopping list ahead of time so that I don’t have to kill myself at the last minute.

I also try to look a week ahead and write down anyone that I will need to purchase gifts for if I have not purchased the gift earlier in the year. I have a list of everyone I should purchase gifts for throughout the year and I use my monthly promotional calendar to save money by purchasing my gifts ahead of time when they are on sale.

This time also allows me to order items online to save time and money.

and… that’s my Saturday Morning!!!

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