Peaceful Life Reminders

As if life isn’t busy/stressful/crazy enough add in all the reminders that cross your mind every day, hour, minute, and second.

The list that follows is the key item I focus on when I need a “reality check” to keep my life running smoothly and make sure I maintain my sanity.

Mom Life:

  • It’s okay to step away and breath
  • They will only be little once – soak up every second and don’t feel guilty about letting things that will be there later wait
  • Yelling doesn’t get your point across any better than explaining why you are upset

In General:

  • Have self-confidence
  • Love yourself
  • Run slowly, and you will get there faster (not literally of course – but basically a reminder to just make sure I do things right the first time and not rush them)
  • Occasionally, take some time to be an observer in your own life
  • Speak only to improve upon the silence
  • Tell someone you love them every day (or make someone feel loved if you don’t have anyone)
  • Take control of your money, even if you have more of it you will spend more of it if you can’t control it
  • Spend at least 15 minutes showing your family you love them (cuddle during a movie, play outside…etc)

Getting Tasks Done:

  • Just start
  • Do the worst task first
  • Have a plan
  • Develop a routine, and stick to it
  • Proactively plan ahead (a calendar with all of your to-do items, meetings, chores, needs, and wants is really helpful)

Life Management:

  • Think minimal
  • Don’t file or sort anything you won’t use in the next year
  • Make a family yearbook and ditch the rest (mine are not super cute…yet – a three-ring binder and folders are enough)
  • Remember the BUN (to enter into your home it should be beautiful, useful, or nutritious/necessary)
  • Keep a folder with all your important info with you at all times (coupons for the week, phone numbers, envelopes with an address label and stamp)
  • Learn how to master “the art of waiting” – when you are just sitting there waiting for an appointment, think of all the things you can get done if you just had “an envelope and stamp” or some papers to sort – plan ahead for the downtime when you are just “waiting” and use it to your advantage
  • Have a “family/spouse” conference every day (30 minutes where you can discuss important or upcoming things)


  • 2/3 and 5/7 – a meal cooked at home (or at least healthy meals)
  • Take Vitamins
  • Fuel your body with nutritious food
  • Break your own bad habits (find ways that work for you to break them, for me a bet with someone I know will hold me to it if I lose works great)
  • Get outside every day

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