Lazy Girl Cleaning Routine

I am crazy when it comes to keeping a clean home.

Here are a few of the super-easy tips and tricks I have tried and loved!!

  • Clorox Toilet Bowl Gel Cleaner: I use this stuff all over the place
    • Around the edges of the tub (I let it sit for a while on really icky spots)
    • In the toilet… duh!
    • Around the edge of the sink where all the nasties like to hang out
    • In my mop water
  • Have Big Storage Containers. Never Small.
    • Big storage containers are great because you can shove the big clunky items in them along with the little stuff. If you start getting a lot of little storage baskets, you start to get clutter.
  • Give This Minimalism Thing a Try.
    • Go through your entire house top to bottom, don’t skip a drawer, closet, bin, envelope, nook or cranny and get rid of anything you don’t use at least twice a month. Every item you don’t have is an item you don’t have to clean, sort, organize.
  • Mix Dawn Dish Soap and Jet Dry and use it to clean:
    • Shower (no more water spots)
    • Faucets – look SO shiny
    • Mirror in the Shower

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