Keeping a Simple Home

I like simple. I don’t like clutter. Here is my list of things I think you should have in every room of your home along with a few room decoration rules that I try to follow.


  • Make it cute, but functional
  • Have a focal point
  • Hide the icky, the extra and the sticky (meaning messy)
  • Carry through color
  • Make it you, let your personality show
  • Always have extra… but don’t let it perplex ya (I know, I’m a dork)
  • Large trashcan on each floor
  • One “donate” container on each floor
  • One portable cleaning bucket/station

In every room you should have: 

  • Plants or fresh flowers (or you can settle for fake flowers)
  • Special memory
  • Book
  • Clock
  • Candle

Entry way / mud room

  • Keep most worn shoes and coats in a warm room no matter what

Living Room (where your main TV is located)

  • Adjustable lighting options (twinkly romantic lights, blinds to open, floor lamp and ceiling light)


  • Sheet sets that match (then get rid of all the other random sheets)
  • Nice matching hangers
  • Blanket boxes/bins


  • White towels
  • White shower curtain


  • Family yearbook
  • Matching waterproof containers with easy to read labels

More tips to come!

  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Office
  • Emergency Kit
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room

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