My Favorite Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Blog

There are a lot of things I have learned as I develop my blog. Here are a few of my top tips!

  1. Outline your plan
  2. Understand categories and tags
  3. Make production efficient (don’t try to overcomplicate things and have a set checklist so you don’t miss something for each post)
  4. Ask questions and polls
  5. Create a service (consignment, craft show, home parties)
  6. Create a strategy
  7. Keep it simple
  8. Don’t make it overly emotional (at least all the time)
  9. Be creative
  10. Proof, Proof, Proof
  11. Be consistent
  12. Create a timeline/calendar
  13. Consider your audience
  14. Learn about legalities
  15. Never overpromise your readers
  16. Have Fun
  17. Keep Learning!!

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