Why I MIGHT make a good BOY Mom

I needed to know that I MIGHT be okay. I could do this.

I’m a list person. When I panic I make lists.

So here is my list of why I MIGHT make a good boy mom. I’m sure that looking back in 5 years none of these things will be what really mattered but right now it’s helping me realize I can do this.

  • I know more about WWE than my husband
  • I love UFC
  • Superhero capes are easy to sew. Just a square with a logo and an elastic band.
  • My husband likes me and he’s a boy.
  • My dad likes me and he’s a boy.
  • I have seen all the Marvel and DC
  • I can play FIFA and occasionally beat my husband (and he’s pretty good).
  • I know how to use power tools better than my husband.

So… looking at this list I MIGHT actually be a pretty cool boy mom. Only time will tell!!

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